Children’s Day: Let’s continue building spaces for play and fun

enero 17, 2018

We from Messengers of Peace believe that it is essential that we see all girls, boys and adolescents as subjects of rights and not as objects of guardianship without voice or opinion. Today more than ever, as a result of the pandemic in which we are living, it is key to continue promoting the right to play, so that all children continue to explore their creativity and imagination.

Thanks to you, we make it possible!

We want to greatly thank all the people, collaborators, companies and friendly organizations, our network of godmothers and godfathers who, despite the distance, have accompanied and helped us: thanks to their contribution, the girls and boys who are part of the projects Messengers of Peace will have a toy in their day, to continue building and generating spaces for play and fun while they treasure and generate the best memories of their childhood.

Why do we speak of «Childhood Day» and not «Children’s Day»?

The notion of “child” is no longer enough to describe all the ways of living childhood, nor does it express the acquired rights and those that remain to be gained. For this reason, talking about “childhoods” allows us to contemplate the enormous diversity of experiences and childhood realities that exist. Our mission is to continue working towards the restitution of all violated rights, so «childhood» gives us the opportunity to make visible the inequities and violations that, to this day, continue to exist.

In an age when love, understanding and empathy must guide us, it is our wish that all children can enjoy their day.

Happy Childhood Day! Let’s keep playing, let’s keep accompanying!