Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina joins in the Argentine Network for International Cooperation.

septiembre 16, 2021

We proudly announce that Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina joins in the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI) as a member. This alliance provides us with an improvement space, knowledge and experiences from other organizations to promote institutional development in our community. 

For more than 20 years, Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina has been working in better strategies to have a deeper impact in society. Motivated by the idea of amplifying our national and international network, we have been committed to encourage spaces for dialogue as we are convinced that cooperation and collaborative work make our projects more successful, especially in a context of health crisis and poverty increase. 

RACI is a federation consisted of Civil Society Organizations that work to promote articulated actions to reach social transformation in Argentina and the region. For over ten years of history, it has worked with more than 200 social organizations, companies, embassies, foreign foundations, multilateral organizations, chambers of commerce and other strategic allies and institutions.  

It is a great honour to participate in RACI and contribute to social change inside these spaces for e of ideas. We strongly believe that human capital, collaborative spirit and cooperative actions are the way out of this global crisis. Thank you for this opportunity to keep growing, RACI.