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Mensajeros del Mundo is a vibrant community of social entrepreneurs who live and volunteer together in Buenos Aires to develop leadership skills, learn Spanish and experience Argentine culture in a comprehensive immersion program. You will provide critical support to the social initiatives of Mensajeros de la Paz that aid the young and the old here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our volunteers work in challenging and mission critical roles that include:

  • Education programs at one of five education centers.
  • Art therapy programs for at-risk children.
  • Three shelters that provide temporary housing to disadvantaged children.
  • REsidential home care for the elderly.
  • ‘Club de día’, our recreational center for both seniors and children.



Our volunteers will often volunteer for three months or longer and live at ‘La Casa del Mundo’, a home of individuals committed to advancing and living the ideals and social mission of Mensajeros de la Paz. The home features five large bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large living room, study room, fully-equipped kitchen, terrace and outdoor patio with a grill.

Volunteers will be fully immersed in Argentine Culture, as you live in the safe, residential neighborhood of Caballito. Palermo and Recoleta are close by, providing access to extensive touristic activities and nightlife.

The Mensajeros mission attract a diverse and global group of volunteers, and so you will also recieve exposure to various cultures. Our volunteers will often come from Germany, Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom. At ‘La Casa del Mundo’, you will truly live as a key member of a global community.

‘La Casa del Mundo’ also provides:

  • Free wifi and utilities.
  • Daily cleaning service (please note that every volunteer is responsible for the general upkeep of our home).
  • Mentorship and guidance from Mensajeros de la Paz leadership, who work in the home.
  • A safe neighborhood with easy access to public transportation to Palermo, Recoleta and other parts of the city.



Live at ‘La Casa del Mundo’ is covered by a monthly fee that covers the amenities listed above and also supports the vitally important mission of Mensajeros de la Paz of protecting those at the margin of society, and in particular, disadvantaged children and the elderly.

Program dates are flexible. After you apply, you can discuss and coordinate your stay at ‘La Casa del Mundo’ with Mensajeros staff.

Months 1 – 3USD $ 290
Months 4 – 12USD $ 260



As part of your long-term stay, you are advised to brind bedsheets, towels, personal toiletries in Buenos Aires.

Our staff will be there to assist you when you arrive to get other necessities while in Argentina, such as cell phone and metro card. We are also available to provide guidance on touristic activities during your free time here in Buenos Aires.



To begin the application process, please complete the contact from below and click on ‘APPLY’. A member of our team will follow-up by Skype to discuss our opportunities and answer any questions you may have about our program of Mensajeros de la Paz.