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Who we are

Mensajeros de la Paz is a non-governmental organization declared of public interest and with national and international scope. It was founded by Father Angel García Rodríguez in Spain in 1962. In its beginnings, Mensajeros de la Paz created homes to receive girls, boys and and youths without a family or abandoned, giving them the closest to a family. As time goes by, it expanded its activities to other unprotected social areas: women suffering gender violence, people with disabilities and elderly people who lived alone, were abandoned or lived in indigence.  Over the years, and considering broad unsatisfied social demands in other countries, the organization expanded its task, implementing projects and programs in over 50 countries: Afghanistán, Angola, Algeria, Belgium, Benín, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopía, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea Ecuatoria, Haiti, Holland, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, and other countries and territories.

Mensajeros de la Paz arrived to Argentina by the end of 2001, in the middle of a social and economic crisis. In this context and alarmed by the serious situation and cases of undernourishment in children that were televised in the media all over the world, a delegation travelled from Spain to bring the first donations. This humanitarian aid campaign was the starting point for the development of Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina, which has been working for more than 18 years in our country.

What we do

Our aim is to promote, protect and restore the rights of girls, boys, teenagers and elderly people under social vulnerable situation.

To achieve these, we focus on 3 (three) main lines:

  1. We encourage Social Integration of children, teenagers and elderly people under a social risk situation.
  1. We offer direct attention in our own Centers and Homes for the promotion, protection and restoration of the rights of children, teenagers and adults socially vulnerable.
  1. We promote social awareness and action with engaged volunteers and professionals working with most in need communities and involving different actors of society and allowing full compliance of the rights of people.

Our numbers

+ 1000


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Programs/ Projects





Our Programs

Its aim is to implement projects of direct attention which ensure the protection and restoration of the rights of girls, boys, teenagers and elderly people under social vulnerability.

These projects are Homes and Centers where professional interdisciplinary teams evaluate and develop strategies which promote an integral  welfare of all participants.


The Home for boys and girls Colibries is a temporary home that provides special attention to boys and girls that live under complex situations of vulnerability of rights, and should temporarily stay away from their family environment, under a measure of protection of rights. This project gives priorities groups of brothers and sisters between 6 and 12 years old.

The general aim of the Home is to provide a place of contention for the population living there. In this sense, we work to ensure the exercise and restorationof their rights, to protect their dignity, while generating strategies to strengthen their social relations, fostering actions so as to avoid unnecessary extension of their permanence in the institution, and also taking actions to establish, maintain, or repair family ties considered significant in the history of life of these children, respecting their culture and habits.


This Center works as a assistance device aimed at street children and adolescents. Currently, it is the only Center for overnight for women in the City of Buenos Aires. Based on this reality, La Balsa focuses its work on generating a deeper look, with a gender perspective, accompanying girls and adolescents in their empowerment. At the same time, La Balsa collaborates in the construction of their role as free and independent women, providing them with solid tools so they can fend for themselves. The Center works in the modality of refuge / provisional home: it is accompanied and assisted in basic needs such as: food, hygiene, school support, recreation, psycho-social support and rest. In permanent articulation with governmental, non-governmental and community institutions, La Balsa focuses its efforts on achieving a comprehensive follow-up of the history of each young person who attends the device in order to reverse their situation of vulnerability, working on the restitution of their rights and / or in contributing to improve your day to day.


It is a community day space care center which opens from 9 AM to 5 PM for elderly people in isolation, who are alone or undergoing any other kind of social vulnerability. It is a motivator to improve personal well-being and quality of life of elderly people, encouraging or maintaining social relationship of those who attend the Day Center.

We daily take care over 60 elderly people: They participate in activities that promote and stimulate an active aging. There are workshops of memory stimulation, human rights, socio-emotional, creative and artistic workshops, computer courses, yoga, among other activities They also receive 3 daily meals, within a balanced diet checked by nutritionists.


The elderly Home San José is a residence for elderly which is prepared to integrally take care of adults over 60 years old, who need a place where to leave. It is open since 1935 and it has played a very important role concerning the protection of the rights of elderly people with less economic resources who suffer from any dependence or are suffering abandonment, loneliness or any other circumstance of social vulnerability: Nowadays, the Home has a professional staff that includes psychogerontologists, doctors, psychologists, social workers and nutritionists, with articulate their work with the family (or referent) and the resident. Thus, we look for the best answer to each individual situation, achieving in this way a personalized attention.

Its aim is the implementation of programs that benefit the strengthening and empowerment of families under vulnerability employing powerful and transforming tools such as art, education, sports and training for labor insertion.


The Family Accompaniment Program  takes place in the new neighborhood “Los Álamos”, in the town of Almirante Brown. It’s a community space with cultural and educational activities for the children of the area, and it’s also, a space of reference for the families. It intends to build processes of family support. The staff of professionals that work (psychologists, social workers, operators and workshop facilitators), promote prevention strategies to keep boys, girls and teenagers away from the situation of

vulnerability that they are suffering. This project has activity schedules with different workshops (percussion, bio dance, native dances, mural painting, urban sculptures, computer games) and faces the prevention of conflicts (parenting workshops, promotion of breastfeeding, identification of gender issues, promotion of children rights).


In Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina we understand art as a powerful tool of social integration and transformation. Art naturally suggests a democratic and inclusive structure where either gender, cultural or socioeconomic differences disappear. We want to rescue values such as teamwork, solidarity and reciprocity.

Since 2012, we put into practice different artistic projects with the aim of encouraging the integration of different population groups through quality artistic and cultural activities to contribute to their full development, the recovery of their self’-esteem and the exercise of their rights. The projects developed – with the help of artists, psychologists, and other professionals – involve, inspire and stimulate their participants to adopt positive ways of life and strong tools for a successful social and job reinsertion


The Program of Educational Strengthening benefits more than 300 children between 6 and 17 years old suffering social vulnerability in Villa/Barrio 31 (Caacupé Chapel, Guadalupe Chapel and Parish Cristo Obrero), Bajo Flores (Slum 1.11.14) and Villa Bosch, Municipality of Tres de Febrero (Ciudadela, Villa Bosch, Derqui) The aim of this program is to improve the educational career, strengthen learning processes and diminish repetition levels, abandonment and school over-age. In order to achieve this, the educational proposal has a systematic approach, clear and measurable goals. We base our work on learning standards considering the central content that the school must teach, divided into two areas listening and writing comprehension and logical – mathematical thinking. These two areas, at the same time, are divided into three complexity levels. The didactic material used is aligned with a learning method designed for each profile and psycho-educational need, while we work to give quality educational support, by workshops, games, artistic tools, etc.

Through projects aimed at generating volunteer actions (both local and international) with mentoring and permanent support in the work carried out, we encourage the commitment of young people who have a social vocation and want to work together with the communities that need it most. We seek that more and more social leaders are involved with a vision of social change, so that they generate a positive impact on the society that so much needs their commitment and sensitivity to the different problems that surround us.

Its main objective is to raise public awareness on relevant issues related to poverty and social integration, to encourage society to get involved and participate for the common good. The projects implemented by Mensajeros de la Paz are based on a rights-based approach that directly sensitize and empower more than 1,600 beneficiaries, reaching their families and the surrounding environment. This is complemented by actions on public roads, different events, etc.

Mensajeros del Mundo is a vibrant community of social entrepreneurs who live and volunteer together in Buenos Aires to develop leadership skills, learn Spanish and experience Argentine culture in a comprehensive immersion program.

Be part of the solidarity network that accompanies us monthly with a donation and makes it possible for us to be there for 1000 children and elderly people in a situation of social vulnerability.

International projects & Partnerships

We have an International Relations area from where we create Alliances for Development with international institutions. Aligned with No. 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals, we believe that inclusive alliances built on principles and values, shared vision, and shared goals -that place people and the planet at the center- add value to our way of working.

In 2019, we made an alliance with Davis Projects for Peace, by wich we could execute a project to promote peace through the theater was carried out, in order to continue promoting the efforts to restore the violated rights of the communities where Messengers of Peace work. The project of Restorative Practices and Art began with Andreas Riemann, a specialist in peace management, with boys and girls living in Barrio 31.

During 2019/2020 we made Alliance with the Fordham University of New York, and through these project, we receive 60 people in our country to work wih us inmutual collaboration: they contributed with us from the organizational management perspective,and we take them closer to our programs to show the social approach we have been working with for more than 17 years and our experience.In this way, organizations grow and positively impact the world.

In February 2020 we started working with Girl Rising, which is a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment. Together with them, we carry out activities and events, having an active collaborative working Alliance.


More than 380 people joined RUN WITH ME 2021, and we raised ARS$1,097,260 for children’s projects of Mensajeros de la Paz.

The II Edition of Mensajeros de la Paz's virtual race, Run With Me, took place from November 19th to 28th and involved 385 participants from all over the world for social integration, running, walking, and dancing. We raised a total...

Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina joins in the Argentine Network for International Cooperation.

We proudly announce that Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina joins in the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI) as a member. This alliance provides us with an improvement space, knowledge and experiences from other organizations to promote institutional development in our community.  For more than 20 years, Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina has been working in better strategies to have a deeper…

The first «International Virtual Conference: Application of coping mechanisms to improve mental health» has been made.

This past April 27, we hosted the first «International Virtual Conference: Application of coping mechanisms to improve mental health», a meeting where we shared and exchanged knowledge, tools, and experiences in mental health with professionals, teachers, and students from University…

AIRBNB and Mensajeros de la Paz united through GLOBALGIVING.

Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina will receive, through GlobalGiving, a donation from the Airbnb Community Fund. This fund is dedicated to support organizations around the world, and with this collaboration, the Association will be able to guarantee the opening of…