Messengers of Peace’s “Solidarity Night at Home” raised $ 425,650 to benefit girls, boys and the elderly

enero 17, 2018

Under the slogan «Messengers is 24/7, and you?«, Messengers of Peace carried out, last Friday, July 24, a virtual event that raised $ 425,650 to continue helping and accompanying the more than 1000 protagonists who are part of the organization, among girls, boys, adolescents and, especially, the elderly. 

This Solidarity Night at home, hosted by journalist Gabriela Sobrado, opened with songs by the musical duo Marta & Paul, who delighted the more than 500 people who connected with popular international rock songs. 

Minutes later, Darío Pompilio, Executive Director of Messengers of Peace, joined the event with Gabriela to welcome the public present and to tell what Messengers was doing during these almost 5 months of pandemic, in which the challenges were They multiplied: “We have not stopped for a minute because in times of crisis there are more demands, there are more needs and we have to rise to the occasion to help those who are most violated in their rights. We have a very unequal country. The work, empathy and solidarity of all of us is very necessary » and added that moments of crisis always make major problems visible: «Messengers was and is at the foot of the canyon, together with all the work teams, giving an answer to the needs that arise, offering a bag of food, sanitary kits. We have generated ties of solidarity and work with other social organizations to reach the largest number of people who need it. « 

The event also had several interviews and shows by established artists who joined the Solidarity Night at home to accompany and provide all their support: Coti, Javier Calamaro and Los del Portezuelo. There were also first-person testimonies from Messengers of Peace volunteers and workers, who told how they have been accompanying children, adolescents and the elderly in this very adverse context that we have to live. Towards the end, Dr. Norberto Liwski, a socially oriented pediatrician and brand new member of the COVID-19 Pandemic Ethics and Human Rights Committee, and Guillermo Luque Wickham, Provincial Director of Promotion and Protection of Rights, joined as surprise guests. Both emphasized that this context of pandemic challenges us to find strong reasons to continue working, collectively, in community and in solidarity. «The pandemic exposed the economic and social inequality of our country,» said Liswski, adding that community spaces have multiplied their efforts to respond to children who need it, while we must ask ourselves what are the lessons that this pandemic leaves us to continue working for a more just and egalitarian society for all. 

Towards the end of the event, the solidarity auction (which raised more than $ 70,000), which included important works of art and autographed t-shirts from soccer clubs in Spain and Argentina, such as Real Madrid (signed by Sergio Ramos), was concluded. Madrid Athletic Club (signed by Saúl Ñiguez), Independent Athletic Club (signed by Fabricio Bustos), Gymnastics and Fencing of Mendoza (signed by Cristian Llama), an experience with Racing Club and a Pumas shirt (signed by Pato Albacete ). 

The night closed with a clear and forceful message that Together we do more if we all work together in pursuit of those who need us most: “We must continue to think about the other, about each child and adolescent who is violated in their rights, so that they can once again be the protagonists of their own lives, ”concluded the Executive Director of Messengers, Darío Pompilio. 

What have we done so far in the face of COVID-19? 

Faced with the health emergency in Argentina caused by the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, Messengers of Peace Argentina is working in a transversal and comprehensive way from our 4 programmatic axes, in line with the recommendations issued by the national and provincial authorities, municipalities and by the World Health Organization (WHO). Thus, we have adapted our work protocols and our sanitary measures to protect those who are part of our projects, guaranteeing their health and safety: 

So much so that, throughout these almost 5 months, we continue to serve – 24 hours a day – more than 35 girls, boys and adolescents at Hummingbirds Home and more than 50 elderly people at San José Home. We extended to 24 hours the attention of The Raft Center for girls and adolescents living on the streets, and we continue to accompany more than 50 elderly people who attended the Day Club, bringing food and activities at home to provide permanent containment. We accompany more than 50 girls, boys and their families through the Educational Strengthening Program and the Family Accompaniment Program. Hygiene and food kits were also delivered to more than 25 families in Neighborhood 31. All of our work teams, made up of more than 120 workers, received protection kits and weekly trainings to guarantee their health and safety.